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Low Slope Installation

(2 1/2′ to 0)

Polaralum on low slope roofing applications can save your client $$$$.

Roof Decks, Steel Decks Poured in Place Light Weight Decks:

After applying insulation board, ISO, black board, etc.:

Install Polaralum as a base sheet, aluminum down, white side up toward the sky.

For hot mopped applications, apply hot asphalt to polyester side.

Can be used with all single ply applications, also with Polara, a polyester interply sheet. Can also be used under TPO systems as base sheet — remember aluminum down, white side up only.

Application can be screwed and plated. Also, we recommend you cut small patches (Polaralum) to cover screw heads before installing the cap sheet. This will prevent screw heads from showing.


Wood Deck Application:

After tear off to expose decking material, correct all weak or rotten wood, clean off to smooth appearance. Then nail, with metal caps Polaralum, aluminum facing down white side up. After this application is completed, you can install top cap. If you are torching the top cap, you must install the base sheet required by the manufacturer. Don’t try to torch to Polaralum without base attached.

If you are using Polaralum as an Energy Base Sheet and are installing peel & stick or weather guard systems, you can apply them to Polaralum with the aluminum side up. The two will adhere to each other.

Heat Barrier Systems, Inc. has Polara Interply sheet, available upon request.