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General Info from CEO

Today’s society has mixed feelings about energy problems. Everyone is pushing their products down peoples throats. 99.9% of the worlds people believe 50% of the truth that is broadcast on TV News Media, Radio, Web-pages, etc.

We are experiencing a climate change, to what degree no one knows. What we do know is the Utility Company’s are cashing in on our lack of knowledge when it comes to securing our homes and businesses from the Heat generated by the sun. Yes there are many new items everyday that profess to reduce your energy costs. We won’t go into the various items. Polaralum is made 100% in the USA the make up is polyester, glue, aluminum foil.

Common questions many people ask are, “where does the heat go” and “will it destroy my shingles? Common sense tells you that the sun beating down on a surface is going to be absorbed through the shingle, through the felt paper into the deck material. As long as the need to install felt has been around, common factors existed, HEAT! No one ever thought about it or questioned the subject until recent years when everyone was told the planet was getting warmer. Then the light came on! Governments around the world convinced the population that we have a crisis in the future, and to save the energy products we must conserve. The facts are heating oil, coal oil and natural gas, contrary to the critics throughout the world, has elevated pricing in the colder climates. Utilities pass on these costs to the consumer, you and I!

Polaralum if installed under any roof system stops the heat from leaving the dead space in the winter. You will still loose some but your utilities will be considerably reduced in the amount of gallons purchased. In the summer Polaralum reduces the heat transfer through the roof decking material. This heat transfer will vary from home to home because we all have various sized of roofs, some more insulated, some with more vents, etc.

After receiving hundreds to thousands of calls, all asking the same question how much will I save? 17% to 34% on average. When you put this on paper it could add up very quickly.

Utility Company’s should be aware of Polaralum.