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Animal Recommendation

As a nutrition and livestock management consultant with over 14 years of experience in industry and academia, it is immediately obvious to me the dramatic potential of Polaralum as a heat barrier to maintain animal comfort. This product has a place in all applications where animals are confined inside a barn. Whether it is a dairy in Wisconsin or Texas, a poultry house, or an equine facility, Polaralum will help to maintain optimum temperature, assisting to maximize production and save producers on energy expenditures for heating and cooling.

Northern Dairy Application
Cows that are housed in free stall facilities, whether in tin barns or greenhouse style, are subjected to both extreme cold and heat. This product will assist in maintaining temperature, both in summer and winter. If cows are not heat stressed, intake will be maximized and dry matter intake drives milk production. In the winter cows will be able to maintain body temperature and use their valuable energy for milk production instead of maintenance of body temperature.

Southern Dairy Application
Research has shown a number of times that cooling cows in the holding pens and parlor increases dry matter intake, and production. Use of a heat barrier in these two locations should result in better cow comfort. If cows are not heat stressed to as large a degree during and just prior to milking they have a tendency to return to the barns and eat just after milking.

Poultry Application
Because modern production of poultry is done in full confinement, any assistance in climate control is a great benefit. Extreme heat and cold can result in lower production and feed efficiency. Use of this product will help to optimize house temperature throughout the year. Utilizing less cooling will result in lower relative humidity in barns assisting in lowering upper respiratory disease as well. In addition, lack temperature movements, due systems constantly changing ambient temperature will help to level out intakes and result in increased efficiency.

Equine Application
More and more the equine industry is moving toward fully enclosing stalls and barns for a number of management purposes. Use of blankets in winter and cooling in summer can be tempered somewhat by installation of Polaralum. Horses used in performance and showing are expensive to maintain and need constant attention in maintaining proper condition. Leveling out barn temperatures throughout the year makes it much easier to optimize nutrition to keep horses at their peak performance.

Energy Use
While improvements in animal performance, health are evident, fully enclosed facilities are expensive to operate. Savings in energy costs will make producers more profitable and facilities more viable. This product is easy to install and should make a tremendous difference in the amount of electricity used to heat and cool. Couple energy savings with improvements in animal performance and the choice becomes clear!

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Byron C. Housewright, PhD

B.S. – Animal Science – Texas Tech University
M.S. – Ruminant Nutrition – University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Ph.D. – Ruminant Nutritional Physiology – University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Technical Service Manager – Monsanto Company
Nutrition Services Manager – Con-Agra
Consulting Nutritionist – Nutrition Professionals Inc.
Assistant Professor of Animal Science – Texas A&M University System